Saint Valentine

So we are sure that if you have ever celebrated the day of Valentine’s you have heard the name of Saint Valentine. However, do you really know who the Saint really was?
Well if you are interested in knowing who really was Saint Valentine here is the article for you.

Who is Saint Valentine?

Saint Valentine

If you did know before, the whole celebration of love is named after St. Valentine who became famous as the patron saint of lovers.
Now the thing is that there are a number of rumors about the saint. And all of which are rather diverging than the previous one. Now that doesn’t mean that we don’t know anything about the truth of who really was Saint Valentine. So here are all the things that are known to be true about St. Valentine.
So, the first truth is that there wasn’t just a single Saint named Valentine. Yep, apparently, there were three. All of the three men lived during the same period in time, 3rd century A.D.
Two of which lived in Italy, those two being Saint Valentine of Rome and of Terni. While the last remaining saint lived in North Africa. So we now know that there was more than one St. Valentine, but which one of them is the patron saint of lovers, if any?
Now to answer the question we need to correlate the three to the date 14th February. And the only one that has any link to that date is Saint Valentine of Rome. On 14th of February, Saint Valentine of Rome was beheaded. But why? Why as a Saint just beheaded like that?
Well, the answers get a little tricky after that part. You see, even the church isn’t sure about what actually happened back then. According to the Pope, Pope Gelasius the first, St. Valentine to be a martyr, such as those whose names are reverenced among men but whose deeds are known only by God.
Now is that statement filled with respect? Yes definitely, however, it also shows that the pope himself wasn’t fully aware of the deeds that Saint Valentine had been known for, or another way of looking at is that there weren’t any confirmation of those deeds there were roaming through the ears of each individual of the time.

Saint Valentine story:

Saint Valentine

So we have established thus far a few key things. Number one, no one is fully aware of what happened that lead to the events of Saint Valentine’s beheading. Two, yes he did lay his life for a cause that he believed in, and number three he is still highly respected about the church even if the history is a bit hazy.
So that concludes that whatever we are about to tell you to be the Saint’s story it will have elements of fiction mixed in as no one truly knows truly knows the authenticity of these tales.
With that said, here is the story of Saint Valentine. So, who was Saint Valentine? And what happened?


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Supposedly, St. Valentine of Rome was a temple priest who took it upon himself to marry roman soldiers in secrecy as the Emperor Claudius the second set a decree that no soldier shall marry as that would leave them with a reason to leave the arm. A family would be too distracting from the more important stuff like fighting and dying in the battlefield. Now, we can see why the soldiers weren’t too happy with the thought of not have the right to get married.
Nonetheless, the St did as much as he could but it was only a matter of time when he was going to get caught by the Emperor. Thus you can see why St. Valentine was seen as the patron saint of lovers.

Saint Valentine day history:

Saint Valentine

So that is pretty much it as for accuracy. All that we know about Saint Valentine and the past of Valentine’s Day this is it. Now, if we go any more into the line between what is real and what are rumors melded into reality.
A time for a small recap for anyone that didn’t want to read the whole thing above. St. Valentine was beheaded due him defying the law of no marriage for soldiers that was set by Emperor Claudius the 2nd.
If you want a more in-depth conversation on that, just look a few paragraphs above.

Saint Valentine facts:

Saint Valentine

Fats well fact-ish things; the only things about Saint Valentine’s Day and St. Valentine himself are that the Saint laid down his life for what he believed in, both as a Christian and as a human. The whole thing with the Emperor was also part of the story that people believe to be fact. But, we are still hazy on a lot of things. Why? Well, there are a lot of rumors and even though people agree these few things to be the facts of the story but that is also not confirmed.

Written by Nick wright