10 Best Valentine’s Day Flowers Perfect for That Special Sweetheart

Bouquet of Flowers for Valentine’s Day:

If you weren’t a big fan of flowers sorry mate you have to put your differences aside and get that perfect bouquet with the top Valentine’s Day flowers. Spending Valentine’s Day without flowers just doesn’t seem quite right. Everyone loves getting flowers, and we know that it seems like we just retconned our first remark but that was just us being sarcastic. Getting flowers from our lover is so meaningful as the innermost feelings of the other person are sent through them.

So with that said, here are some Valentine’s Day Flowers that will be absolutely perfect for your lover.

Types of Flowers for Valentine’s Day:


Valentine's Day Flowers

There is nothing, and we mean nothing that screams Valentine’s Day more than a rose. Roses are the poster boy of flowers for Valentine’s Day. You simply cannot go wrong if you go with roses. Sure they are used a lot for Valentine’s Day but why fix that isn’t broke?

There are numerous options while we already know that the majority of the people out there are going to go for the obvious choice of red roses. Thus if you want a nice bouquet of roses Buy Now.


Valentine's Day Flowers

Sure roses are absolutely delightful but they are not the only option. If you were looking for something more here is a good option. Orchids are absolutely beautiful, and what better way to woo your beautiful gal/guy with a nice bouquet of purple orchids.


Valentine's Day Flowers

At first, it might seem like a weird choice but think about it for a second. Sunflowers are beautiful and they symbolize sunshine and the sun. Can you see why it would be a perfect option to give it to someone you love?

They are your sunshine, the ones that eliminate the clouds of sadness from your world. And if you feel the same way about your partner than getting them a bouquet of sunflowers might be a good idea.

Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day:


Valentine’s Day Flowers

Want to go with something a bit different yet a delight? Go for tulips. Not only are the colors the ones you need to symbolize your love and care for the other person. Again, just because we’ve mentioned these flowers separately that doesn’t mean that they won’t be a great mix together.

Try mixing a few of these and you will find that you get something quite amazing.

5. Carnations:

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Just look at these flowers and tell us that you don’t see these as a great pick for giving your love some nice Valentine’s Day flowers. Even though roses are the primary choice of almost everyone but getting different kinds of flowers is a refreshing change.

Plus you should always note the preferences of your lover. If you know what flowers they like to go for that one, don’t just get roses cause they are “the Valentine’s Day flowers.” You can sue the given link to buy some Carnations.

6. Alstroemeria:

Valentine’s Day Flowers

One of the more obscure flowers on this list alstroemeria are quite the lookers even though you might’ve heard about them for the first time today. We know that a lot of people don’t go for the flowers thing as they see it as too cliché. That is where flowers like alstroemeria come in, through playing with the format of flower giving, we will call it, and you can give your baby some beautiful flowers without having that thought in the back of your head.

Valentine’s Day Flowers Pictures:

7. Peony:

Valentine’s Day Flowers

This one here is for all of you married couples out there. Yep, sorry girlfriends and boyfriends but this flower right here are for the husbands and wives. Not only are peonies exceptionally beautiful but they are also the symbol for a prosperous marriage.

Such are the kind of flowers that you would want to give your woman on her anniversary. And keeping with that theme they make a great choice for being your partner’s Valentine’s Day gift.

8. Daisies:

Valentine’s Day Flowers

White isn’t exactly the color that one would think of when we are talking about Valentine’s Day. However, daisies look amazing and they smell just as remarkable. Thus you can’t let such a beautiful flower slip away from your sweet heart’s finger just because it’s white.

Heck, a lot of people would love to get white flowers regardless if the traditions opts for red or pink. Just know the kind of person you are giving the flowers to and you won’t have any problems.

9. Chrysanthemums:

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Don’t be put off by the name these puppies are pretty and they smell amazing. Going back to the pink next in line we have Chrysanthemums. They are absolutely adorable to look at and as a personal suggestion, try matching them up with white daisies or better yet go full retro and get some roses in the mix.

Let’s see how creative you can really be, and don’t sweat over money. We got your back, here is a nice place where you can buy not only fresh chrysanthemums but any kind of flower from this or any other list.

10. For those that are allergic to flowers:

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Having allergies to pollen is quite common. And whereas some people don’t have a strong allergic reaction to all flowers there are a few that can’t even come close to a single petal.

So your soul mate is allergic to flowers…now what? Well not to worry even though they won’t get to enjoy the smells of a real flower any time soon here is a pretty nifty alternative. And yes we just used the word nifty, what? We like this word.

Anyways back on topic here, get them a silk flower. Don’t know what those are, well they are artificial replacements specifically made for people that have allergies relating to flowers. And luck would just so have it we have a link here to some of them. If you want Valentine’s Day Card ideas for 2019 we have a link for Valentine’s Day Card ideas

Written by Nick wright