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Best Valentine’s Day Ideas 2019

You have to really creative on Valentine’s Day. You can’t just wing it when it comes to your Valentine’s Day Ideas. It isn’t easy getting that Valentine’s Day ideas for a good gift and a Valentine’s Day surprise. We know that your girl/guy won’t mind if you aren’t but it will bring them to blush. Do really want to miss out on that? If not here are some good ideas that you can either remake or put a spin on to make this Valentine special.

Valentine’s Day Box Ideas:

If you want to make a valentine themed box for your significant other than there are numerous kinds you can try making. Sure you can even order them online but you will still need a reference. Here are some of the go-to boxes that you won’t be wasting your time with if you are using them as your Valentine’s Day Ideas.

Baby Pink Mail Box;

Valentine's Day Ideas

Make a baby pink mailbox along with red a flag. Not only will a love letter be right along the theme but you can put these cute little boxes in various locations. Maybe right in front of their car, on the porch or right by the bed. It’s a nice theme that goes well Valentine’s Day.

Balloon box;

Valentine’s Day ideas

Get a helium balloon and attach a little basket to the bottom like shown in the pic or you can put some twist on this if you have the materials available. You can have their gift or a letter inside the basket. If you want, you can even go for a batch of these floating around the room, it will be quite romantic.

Heart emoji box;

Valentine’s Day ideas

Quite the simple premise just make sure that you give the outer layer of the box some nice texture and colors. You can even add small details like these other smiles or go one step further and make a completely new emoticon one that is special for the two of you.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

Valentine’s Day ideas

Getting a proper gift for Valentine is pretty tricky. Especially if you two have been together for long or if you just started going out. They are the polar opposites of the spectrum but require the same level of creativity to handle the Valentine’s Day Ideas and handle well. So here are a few ways you can do just that.

A nice necklace;

Valentine’s Day ideas

Sure it might be a bit cliché but it is that for a reason. Women love a nice piece of jewelry, and why not? When you spend money on the neckless make sure that it symbolizes something that means a lot to the both of you. And that is how you make that Valentine’s Day gift special.

A Watch:

Valentine’s Day ideas

Watches never go out of fashion. They add grace and beauty to your outfit and personality as well. Whether you gift it to a guy or a girl they will always appreciate your choice. Watches are loved by all and no one can go wrong with selecting watches for their partner. How’s that for an amazing Valentine’s Day Ideas?

A Fine Dress:

Valentine’s Day ideas

One should always give something useful and meaningful to their partners. Buying a dress for your girl or a suit for your guy will make them have another outfit in their wardrobe and also make them happy. The effort you will put in choosing the dress or a suit for them will highlight your interest in them. They will love this dress more than any other dress they have had.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Date Ideas:

Valentine’s Day ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about making your loved one feel special. Making efforts in order to spend a perfect day with them. Your effort is a voice to your affection and love for them. Romantic dinner dates are always in fashion and hold a traditional place as well on Valentine’s Day. Let’s see what can be an idea of a perfect dinner date:

Self-prepared Dinner:

What could be cuter than preparing dinner for your partner? The love and emotions that will be the added ingredients in their favorite dish will enhance its taste and make it more savory. You can have a simple candlelight dinner with some rose petals spread on the table. The feelings around the table will make the moment intense and beautiful.

Your Partner’s Favorite Restaurant:

If you think you are not good at cooking and you will spoil your Valentine’s date with your partner than it is better to choose their favorite restaurant to take them on dinner. Get in touch with the management of the restaurant. Ask for some decorations on your table to make it a special dinner. Their favorite food on the right day will make them love you a little more.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Girlfriend:

Valentine’s Day ideas

Girls are usually more excited about birthdays and Valentine’s days. They are always enthusiastic to celebrate these days and make them special for their companions. Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend:

Adventure park:

If your girl is the crazy one, who loves adventures and rides then plan a surprise date for her to a crazy adventure park. This adventure park will raise her excitement level and she will be the happiest person. She is going to enjoy every ride and more than that she is going to enjoy every moment on that ride with you by her side.

A shopping spree:

Girls love shopping. And if your girl loves to shop and is crazy about malls, then take her shop on Valentine’s Day. Buy her favorite dress for her, some makeup and a beautiful pair of shoes. Mind you, don’t overspend otherwise the coming days will be full of torture but buy enough for her to make her feel like you care about all the things that she randomly once mentioned.

Cute Ideas for Valentine’s Day for Boyfriend:

Valentine’s Day ideas

Boys should be pampered too. So girls, get those Valentine’s Day Ideas. On this special day make them feel like they are the ones who have made your life beautiful. You guy should know that you feel blessed to have them in your life. There is no need to do something grand. A little effort from you can assert that they are the ones who bring colors to your life.


Guys love shoes. Take him shop and buy him his favorite pair of shoes. Let him know that his choice matters and you are glad to buy him something his loves. He will be glad to get his favorite shoes from the love of his life.


If you can save and buy him a play station or any other gadget he likes, he will be more than happy to receive it from you. He will know that money doesn’t matter to you more than his happiness. He will love this gadget and keep it safe for the rest of his life, even when it stops working.

Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas:

Valentine’s Day ideas

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be very grand or fancy. For those who have a tight budget and can’t spend a lot can enjoy this day as much as those who spend a fortune. It’s all about being in a comfortable place with your partner and spending a quality time with them. Here are some cheap Valentine’s Day ideas:

Board game date:

What’s better than losing to your loved one or annoying them to the fullest while playing a board game. A night where you both are in your PJs with some snacks, pizza, and your favorite board game. This date will be the cutest one where you both can tease each other yet let your bond grow stronger over a board game.

One time dance class:

If you both enjoy dancing, then what could be better than going to a date for a one-time dance class. Here you both can sing, laugh and dance your heart out. It is cheap and a heartfelt activity that you both can indulge in.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples:

Valentine’s Day ideas

A couple who are celebrating an intimate Valentine’s Day tends to be with each other without families for that day. They deserve to be together on this day of love without anyone else with them. Below are some Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples:


For those couples who cannot find time for each other in all the hustle bustle and responsibilities of life Valentine’s Day is a chance to rekindle the fire of romance between you both. Go to the countryside for a small intimate picnic and spend some wonderful time with your loved one.

Netflix Dinner:

Cook or order a meal for both of you and watch your favorite show while cuddling each other. The warmth, affection, and love will be felt again and you both will be able to connect with each other.

Valentine’s Day Card Ideas:

Valentine’s Day ideas

In today’s world where technology has taken over and people wish each other on messages and calls be someone who would send a postcard to your loved one. This old-school gesture is cute and shows the level of effort you are willing to put into making your life-partner feel special. Here are some DIYs for Valentine’s Day

Card Ideas:

Make a card with all the art supplies that you have. A heart shaped card or a square shaped card with a loving message on it. Make sure you pour your heart out while writing a message on those cards. And your effort and sincerity will make them fall in love with you all over again.

Written by Nick wright