What is Valentine’s Day & Why We Celebrate On This Day

Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has to be the holiday/celebration about love that everyone knows. Whether you live in the states or abroad you know what Valentine’s Day is. There is no bigger universal sign of love than the day of Valentine. Most other symbols of love came into existence due to of this day. But, as things are not a lot of people know the origins of Valentine’s Day. It just got too famous way too fast.

Sure the more mature folks know the history behind this day, we don’t think the younger generation does. They won’t about its origins as that does really doesn’t come up when talking about Valentine’s Day.

Keeping that in mind, and the season as well, we will be diving into the history of Valentine’s Day and its origin.

When is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe on the 14th of February. Some people might and has been this way for a long time now. Funny enough the day didn’t start out to be the celebration we all know of today and even the date wasn’t the 14th. But more on that in the next paragraph where we discuss the origins of Valentine’s Day and how it changed over time.

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Origins of Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day

While there are numerous legends surrounding the holiday, but we aren’t here for myths or legends, what we want is history. Originally this was the pagan festival that was later recast as a Christian festival by Pope Gelasius. The name of the festival back then was Lupercalia. And the celebration took place on the 15th of February.

More History on the subject of Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day

The celebration is basically a dedication to the late St. Valentine. Now there were three saints of that name. One was a priest in Rome, one a bishop in Terni and the last saint well there is not much known of him. All that we do know of him is that he died in Africa.

All three of the saints left this world on the very same day, yep 14th of February. So in a way Valentine’s is a memorial of their sentiments.

Valentine’s Day Meaning:

Valentines's Day

According to a majority of scholars, St. Valentine was a priest who dealt with the Roman emperor in a rather unflattering manner. The priest attracted the bad side of the emperor and that is all that is known to be facts. After this, all we are left with are tales and legends. According to one of those legends Claudius the 2nd passed a law that men. And that law was that a man can’t marry. The logic behind it was that single men make better soldiers. And due to that any soldier or anyone that was potentially one could not marry. And it was St. Valentine that was performing marriage ceremonies in private for those soldiers or men.

However, it was only a matter of time that St. Valentine got caught and according to the stories we were and was put to death by the Romans. Whereas in another version he wasn’t focused on Eros or worldly love but rather agape or the Christian love. In that version, his death was due to the refusal of the renouncement of his religion. However beautiful those legends may sound there wasn’t enough evidence to suggest that they were true. Thus in 1969 the Catholic Church revised its liturgical calendar and removed the days of saints whose historical accuracies were shaky at best. One of those days was in fact St. Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine’s Day We Know of Now:

So when this day became a symbol of love we know of it today. It was around the 14th century that this Christian day feast became associated with love. According to some experts from the UCLA, it was Chaucer who first linked St. Valentine’s Day with romance.

So that is the history or the transformation of this festival that we now know of today. There is a long history behind the day you love or not. Everything starts someplace and even though we are not fully aware of the origins of Valentine’s Day it still has a huge place in our lives. As time passed and it came to the 18th century the holiday evolved even further. It was then that the people incorporated gift giving in this holiday. And that was also the century when the home card thing came to light. Sure it was just a common practice in England but it caught on super quick.

It can be seen as this as the point that it all turned around towards the chocolate buying and gift giving holiday we now know of like today. So even if we are not fully aware of all the variables that contributed to the formation of this day it is a very well respected day in both modern times and history.

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